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 What to do with this type of Guy or Gal ?!

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PostSubject: What to do with this type of Guy or Gal ?!   Wed Aug 15, 2007 5:26 pm

I have a friend...well you see, we've been known each other a long time ago. Well the problem is...his so ummm...what should call that? Well he is being EMOTIONAL on me all the time...but his a guy! Well if your going to ask me...I tell ya

"dinaig pa nya ang babae kung magtampo at lagi nalang syang nagseselos or being angry on something thats not really a big deal".

I mean whats up with that?!

It was like this problem, he challange me to a O2Jam battle 1 on 1 one day. And then I beat him several times and then all of a sudden, he didnt approach me and he even didnt talk to me in ONE WEEK!!!

Well thats one of my problems to him. So still happening for some other reasons...big or even small problems.

I try to lecture him some advice to more manly and how to be...ummm what do you call that??? "Pusong Mamon"... But it didnt work...

So... ummm what should I do to this type of guy , becuase my patience has reached the limits. scratch
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What to do with this type of Guy or Gal ?!
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